Sunday, October 3, 2010


Paul Castiglia

Well what do you know? This totally wasn't planned (how could it be with things done so far in advance?) but it turns out that not one but two interviews with me have been posted this past week.

The first was with John Cozzoli of the wonderful "Zombo's Closet of Horror" blog. John (aka Zombo) asked me how I feel about Halloween. As you'd expect, it's a rather nostalgic interview (you learn about my earliest Halloween costumes and what my perfect Halloween would be), and you can read it when you click here.

The second was with Shane Rivers of the great "Only Good Movies" site. Shane asked me about movies - my favorite films, actors and directors. I got to stretch a little farther than I usually do here on "Scared Silly" to talk about other genres. You can read it all by clicking here.

Shane made a point of highlighting my connection to Jerry Only of the Misfits, so why don't we tie this all together with a video of the Misfits' cover of "Monster Mash," complete with clips from one of our favorites here at Scared Silly, the Rankin-Bass Animagic classic, "Mad Monster Party." Enjoy!

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