Monday, March 22, 2021


Springtime means new beginnings... and another round of Rondo Award nominations! The latest nominations (for achievements in horror entertainment, merchandising, journalism and fandom during 2020) were recently announced. And yes, for at least the tenth (I think) time (!!!), this humble little blog about spooks and kooks, ghouls and fools, and creeps and clowns has been nominated for a Rondo award!!!

Like everyone else in 2020, I was hit by some setbacks. Still, I did have some good opportunities to get back into this project a bit, and as things are evolving, it's looking like I'll be able to dig deeper again in 2021 if logistics land in the right places. I have been giving a lot of thought to the best ways to move forward on this, so that's a start.

The Rondo Awards are the brainchild of David Colton. They are named after Rondo Hatton (you can learn more about Rondo Hatton by watching the video clip below) and are awards given to those who in some way are keeping the love for and appreciation of classic horror alive. You can learn more details about the Rondo Awards and view this year's ballot by clicking here.

"Scared Silly" has been nominated in the "best website" category, and it is my hope that if you like this blog, you will vote for it.

Votes are due by April 25th, 2021. All voting is done by email only so you must email your picks directly to David Colton at

Until then, here's a video providing some history on Rondo Hatton including a visit to his graveside - ENJOY: