Monday, April 15, 2024


That's right, Scared Silly fans... you can be in on the ground floor on a fantastic new project I'm editing and contributing some writing.

Check out all the details in this press release:

Cult Classic 3D Film Lives On in All-New Comic Book Adventures!

ROBOT MONSTER returns to its comics-inspired roots in crowd-funded graphic novel anthology from top comics, film, and pop culture creators, along with one of the film’s original stars!

April, 2024 – ROBOT MONSTER COMICS IN 3-D is here! Following a highly successful theatrical and home video release of its 70th Anniversary Restoration, the cult classic movie, ROBOT MONSTER spins off into a brand-new hardcover graphic novel.

Like the film’s restoration, the comics project is brought to life by the 3-D Film Archive. The 64-page hardbound book will be available for pre-order via a Kickstarter campaign launching on April 9, 2024.

The opening credits of the 1953 film feature a collage of images from horror and sci-fi comics that inspired it. Now, ROBOT MONSTER COMICS IN 3-D leans into those comics roots, continuing the saga of Ro-Man, Great Guidance, and Johnny, with adventure, laughs, and thrills for both longtime and new fans!

In an exciting twist, this graphic novel project features the direct involvement of the last remaining cast member of the film, Greg “Johnny” Moffett, providing story plots and autographed bookplates.

True to its pedigree, the interior pages are presented in 3D, offering a rare opportunity for readers to enjoy this unique printing technique that hasn’t been seen much since the 1950s.

Now, thanks in great part to the 3-D Film Archive restoring over thirty 3D film classics, interest in the process is at an all-time high, and not just relegated to celluloid.

“The enthusiastic response to our ROBOT MONSTER restoration was unprecedented,” says Bob Furmanek, president of the 3-D Film Archive. “Watching audiences go wild at live screenings inspired me to reach out to my good friend Paul Castiglia to see what else we could do with these charismatic characters.”

Castiglia, a veteran ARCHIE COMICS writer (notably on ARCHIE'S WEIRD MYSTERIES), editor, and historian who has also done work for DC COMICS, DARK HORSE, and others, jumped at the chance to transfer the mayhem from the screen to the page.

“What happened to Ro-Man before the events of the movie… and what happened after? Did he go on to conquer other worlds? Did he retire? Did he find true love? And what of the family? The possibilities are endless, and we’ll be presenting some of those ‘what ifs’ here,” says Castiglia.

Castiglia has assembled a team of creators from comics, film, and pop culture to concoct these tales.

Eisner Award-nominated 3D artist Charles Barnard oversees the 3-D production design, and there are two different covers for fans to choose from: one illustrated by pop-art pinup artist Mitch O’Connell; and the other painted by comics and novel cover illustrator, Jeff Slemons.

In addition to Castiglia, the writing talent is headed up by MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 writer-producer Harold Buchholz; Owen Kline, writer-director of the comics-themed indie film, FUNNY PAFES; Tom Hall, co-creator and writer of the critically acclaimed ROBOT 13; and horror podcaster and novelist, Chris Well.

Contributing artists are also an eclectic mix. Mainstream comics illustrators including Chris Allan (TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES), Glenn Whitmore (DC COMICE), and Ron Williams (BIG BANG COMICS), are joined by esoteric indie comics creators Jesus Marquez, Simone Arena, Erica Well, and Nikki Powers.

Best of all, the project highlights two dynamic new talents and one very special luminary. Comics historian Carl Scheckel writes his first published comics tale here, while exciting, early work from up-and-coming artist Marley Starr is featured.


...and after you've donated, enjoy this trailer for the 3-D Film Archive's 70th Anniversary restoration of ROBOT MONSTER distributed by BayView Entertainment!

Tuesday, March 12, 2024


Well, Daylight Saving Time is upon us once again, and that means we're inching ever closer to three of springtime's most glorious things: blooming flowers, baseball, and another round of Rondo Award nominations!

The latest nominations (for achievements in horror entertainment, merchandising, journalism and fandom during 2023) were recently announced. And yes, for at least the thirteenth (I think) time (!!!), this humble little blog about spooks and kooks, ghouls and fools, and creeps and clowns has been nominated for a Rondo award!!!

The Rondo Awards are the brainchild of David Colton. They are named after Rondo Hatton (you can learn more about Rondo Hatton by watching the video clip below) and are awards given to those who in some way are keeping the love for and appreciation of classic horror alive. You can learn more details about the Rondo Awards and view this year's ballot by clicking here.

"Scared Silly" has again been nominated in the "best website" category, so it is my hope that if you like this blog and the work I do, you will cast your votes for me.

Votes are due by April 16th, 2023. That should be easy to remember as it's one day after the horror of Tax Day! All voting is done by email only so you must email your picks directly to David Colton at

Until then, here's popular horror movie host and pop culture historian Svengoolie giving us all a little backrgound on the life and career of Rondo Hatton (don't be fooled by the thumbnail showing Paul Benedict) - ENJOY:

Monday, January 1, 2024


Welcome to 2024... in the real world! Here in our world of reminiscing of decades past, welcome to 1950!:

No matter how much time marches forward, let's always remember to keep the very best of the past alive... especially when it comes to classic horror-comedy films!