Wednesday, September 2, 2020


Hello, Scared Silly fans! I'm here today with some delightful news. 

Before I get to that news, I just want to acknowledge that my recent absence after getting this project back-on-track was unexpected. There were some real tough personal trials including the loss of a dear friend and collaborator that took me away from Scared Silly. I am only now getting myself in the swing of things again, and my hope is that I can bring this up to speed once more. I thank you as always for your patience. Now, onto the news... 

Cinecon is an annual, multi-day screening of classic films that usually takes place in Hollywood every Labor Day weekend. I had the pleasure of attending for the very first time last Labor Day and was treated to a day filled mostly with comedies and musical-comedies, chock full of classic movie comedians of all stripes - not just top bananas, but second, third, fourth and fifth bananas as well. All had a peel. (hey, you've gotta' expect the bad puns here, especially when we're talking about vaudeville board-trodders-turned-celluloid-zanies). 

Due to the pandemic, this year's event will be held online instead STARTING THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd and running through SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th. And the best part is, it's FREE! Though donations to this very worthy cause are vital, and greatly appreciated if you're able (see the main page link below for details on how you can donate). 

One of the rarities being shown is a horror-comedy short from the sub-sub-sub-genre of robots (or guys in robot suits) run amok, THE TIN GHOST. It's one I can't wait to see, and you can see it, too. It runs FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th at 9:50 PM Eastern time and 6:50 PM Pacific. I hear from several reliable sources that it's a "scream" - what more can you ask for from a classic horror-comedy?! 

There will be other comedy offerings during the event, including an Andy Clyde short directed by Del Lord at Sennett (a sneak preview of Columbia Clydes to come), plus other shorts from Sennett, Roach, Vitaphone, Educational, RKO and others. In other words, hilarity aplenty!

Cinecon is brought to you as usual by Stan Taffel and his crew. Click here to see the full schedule of films, and click here to watch the films. 

Now here's an interview with Stan Taffel from one of the past Cinecon events... ENJOY!!!