Saturday, December 31, 2022


Hmmmm…. Father Time is kinda’ scary, isn’t he?

Speaking of time, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for making the past few years so much fun for me. Thank you to all those who have tweeted about my blog, chosen to “follow” the blog, have left comments on posts and told others about the project. I am especially grateful to all the blogs and websites who have publicized this wacky endeavor over the years. Special mentions for 2022 go out to Patrick Vasey and the Laurel & Hardy Podcast, Jennifer Churchill’s Movies are Magic radio show/podcast, Ben Model and Steve Massa’s Silent Comedy Watch Party, and Michael Spedden’s Fowl Players Radio. And of course, the West Orange Classic Film Festival. Plus huge thanks goes to Rob Stone of Split Reel LLC for deciding to publish the eventual Scared Silly book, and to Bob Furmanek for recommending him. Most of all, there's no blog without you readers out there so thank you to ALL SCARED SILLY FANS!

It goes without saying that the past few years will go down as one of the most challenging times in history for the majority of us. My hope is that no matter what you’ve gone through or what you’re going through, you have a support system to turn to, for to have friends and family help you through such times as these is a blessing indeed... and in all cases, we all should just be loving each other. If enough of us go forth each day with love in our hearts, I am confident the year 2023 will end on a positive upswing, an upward trend from all we’ve endured the past three years. So... love.

As always, it wouldn't be New Year's Eve here without Vagabond Opera performing “New Year’s Eve in a Haunted House,” composed by avant garde jazz legend Raymond Scott, the man behind many of the melodies heard in Looney Tunes cartoons - enjoy everyone in your life and all your blessings as you enjoy your New Year's Eve!

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