Monday, October 13, 2014


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Scared Silly fans... what a year this has been for me!!!

A thousand apologies. As I alluded to in previous posts, my schedule has been turned upside down by various projects... which have kept me from posting here with any regularity.

None the least of these projects is a documentary film about the Bowery Boys for which I'm serving as an Executive Producer, Writer, Casting Producer, Music Supervisor and Creative Consultant. I'll be posting in more detail about that soon...

Additionally, I have been working on several new comic book related projects, which I'll also post about soon.

Last but not least, I'm also in the middle of what's become an annual NY/NJ tour of personal appearances. I have a couple Halloween-related appearances coming up which I'll blog about here soon.

One of the things I'm considering doing during these heavily-compromised schedule periods is to post various Scared Silly-related content in lieu of new reviews. How would that strike you all? I'm thinking about keeping a steady stream of trailers, animated cartoons and even feature films coming your way... all in the public domain, of course (we have to keep things legit here after all). Please drop me an email (you'll find my address to the right) and let me know what you think.

In the meantime... well, here's some tumbling tumbleweeds:

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