Thursday, June 24, 2010


Glenn Strange Huntz Hall

First a note to all the faithful Scared Silly fans out there - I haven't forgotten about you. I'm just in a busy season - between unexpected home and car repairs, a heavier-than-usual workload and several family events my time has been fragmented at best. Just note that I am determined to get some new reviews up soon...

In the meantime, I want to give you a head's up to a great classic horror-comedy you won't want to miss. This Saturday (June 26th) Turner Classic Movies is running The Bowery Boys and Glenn Strange in "Master Minds!" It's running at 10:30 AM eastern time - you'll want to check your local listings for times in your area as well as for where TCM resides on your cable/satellite dish/FIOS, etc. TV service.

So what's so great about this film? Well, it takes the time-tested "mad scientist switches brains" concept to new heights as dippy Huntz "Sach Jones" Hall's brain is transferred into monstrous Glenn "Atlas" Strange's cranium... and vice-ee verse-ee! What ensues are two wonderful performances as Hall acts all growly and monster-like while Strange has a field day mimicking Hall's goofy body language and facial expressions (with Hall's voice dubbed in).

In addition to Strange, Hall and some other classic Bowery Boys (including Leo "Slip Mahoney" Gorcey, Gabriel Dell and Billy Benedict) you get the inimitable Bernard Gorcey as soda shop owner Louie Dumbrowsky plus such stalwarts as Jane Adams (from "House of Dracula" plus Rondo Hatton's "The Brute Man," Jack Webb's Dragnet-esque "He Walked By Night," the "Batman & Robin" movie serial and "Adventures of Superman" TV show), Alan Napier (Alfred from the Batman TV show, plus roles in the original "Cat People," Roger Corman's "Premature Burial," Danny Kaye's "The Court Jester," Tarzan movies and more) and Skelton Knaggs (also from "House of Dracula" as well as a trio of films Karloff made for Columbia Pictures, the Sherlock Holmes film "Terror by Night," Bob Hope's "Paleface" and various Dick Tracy movies and TV episodes).

Here's the trailer... do what you can to tune in!

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  1. I am remiss that I didn't mention that Minerva Urecal is also in "Master Minds." She has a gargantuan list of credits including many classic horror films and comedies - check out her filmography at