Sunday, January 31, 2010


Stan Laurel Oliver Hardy

Greetings Scared Silly fans. I know many of you were expecting to see my review of Don Knotts in “The Ghost & Mr. Chicken” by today.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned when this month began, my schedule has been a bit unpredictable as of late, and I simply have not had the chance to turn all my notes on Knotts’ 1966 classic into a cohesive review.

Furthermore, since February is a “short month,” I have designated it as the month wherein I review nothing but short subjects - those classic little films of one reel (approx 10 minutes), two reels (16-20 minutes) or three reels (30 minutes) in length that movie theaters used to show before the features.

Therefore, “Mr. Chicken” is just going to have to wait until at least March. But don’t fret because it will be worth the wait – trust me. I have a lot to say about Mr. Knotts’ opus.

Meanwhile, while I don’t want to make any 100% guarantees, my goal is review shorts from the likes of at least some of the following in February: Our Gang (the Little Rascals), Joe McDoakes (George O’Hanlon), Hugh Herbert, (Gus) Schilling & (Richard) Lane, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd and yes, finally… The Three Stooges!

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