Thursday, October 29, 2015


Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis in...

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Artists & Models!

This isn't a horror-comedy per se, but it does feature both Shirley Maclaine and Eva Gabor wearing a "Bat Lady" costume (making it perfect for Halloween week) and has as its backdrop the fantastical world of comic books!

This is easily my favorite of the Martin & Lewis films, due in large part to its comics industry motif, as well as the direction by former Looney Tunes director, Frank Tashlin. It also has the distinction of being an up-to-the-minute commentary on the then-current Senate hearings on comic books and the allegations that they were a contributing cause of juvenile delinquency.

This is NOT a public domain movie, but Paramount Pictures recently launched its own YouTube channel called The Paramount Vault enabling anyone to legally watch this and several other classic films (including two solo outings by our old pal, Oliver Hardy) for free. ENJOY!

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