Monday, April 22, 2013


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Now here's an oddity... a NEW music video for a 25 year old song.

But not just any song... a song I actually WROTE and RECORDED.  It was released as a 12-inch single.  For the yung'ins out there, there used to be big, black, shiny plastic things called "records" - a 12-inch one usually held an entire album's (or "LP" - "long players") worth of songs, sometimes as much as 15 of 'em; occasionally, it only held 2-3 songs which was considered a "12-inch single" or 4-6 songs, generally considered an "EP" ("extended play").

I wrote the song under my birth name, Paul Castiglia but recorded it under the stage name, Paul Cast.  It was called Cuttin' Loose.

DISCLAIMER: I was in college at the time I wrote it, so it's filled with idealism and angst as you'd expect.  And typical 1980s cheesiness, of course!

My good friend El Kaye (who is also responsible for stoking my love of Wheeler & Woolsey movies) graciously offered her video editing talents to conceive a classic style music video for the track composed of public domain footage and some old photos of me taken for the photo shoot of the single's sleeve (the cardboard covering with which consumers kept the record when not in use, which doubled as informative packaging and protection for the disc).

Most of the public domain clips in the video come from classroom "scare" films of the 1950s, newsreels, instructional films and the like.  There is also a brief animated bit from a promo film from a car dealer, some scenes from a TV show called The Buccaneer and a quick piece from Bela Lugosi's Shadows of Chinatown movie serial.  Most of all, you'll witness sublime clips from the cautionary tale, Boy with a Knife (including some featuring Chuck Connors).

No horror clips to speak of (unless you count the jack-o-lantern) and mostly unintentional comedy, but what the heck - some of you out there may consider the whole experience a "horror-comedy!"

Without further ado, here's the music video for Cuttin' Loose - ENJOY (or NOT)!


  1. The video is great! I think the first clip was from the 1950s film about the danger of comic books. Am I correct?

  2. Correct, Bob! Glad you liked it...