Thursday, January 19, 2012


Have Rocket Will Travel

Greetings, fans! Getting off to a bit of a slow 2012 what with a crazy schedule and being a bit under the weather, but checking in to let you know I'll soon post a review of the Three Stooges short, "Outer Space Jitters." And give a primer on the multiple Stooges that essayed the role of "third Stooge" throughout the years.

For example: The photo up top is actually a publicity shot from the Stooges feature, "Have Rocket Will Travel." No, that's not Jerry "Curly" Howard as the third Stooge. That's non-Curly Curly-Joe DeRita. And Curly-Joe DeRita doesn't appear in the short "Outer Space Jitters." But non-Curly-Joe Joe Besser does. And if you mistook Moe Howard for his brother Shemp, well shame on you - Shemp is much more glamorous. Constooged yet?!

While you ponder the above, I'll whet your appetite for Stooges meeting space men with this public domain cartoon - enjoy!

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