Thursday, August 18, 2011


Archie's Weird Mysteries Castiglia Ruiz Scarlett

...but no, I won't be wearing the disguise that Scarlett the Vampire/Vampire Hunter wears in the above illustration.

I will, however be autographing copies of the "Archie's Weird Mysteries" paperback collection - featuring horror-comedy comic book tales based on the animated series of the same name - this Saturday, August 20th at The Little Shop of Comics (great name, eh?) in Scotch Plains, NJ.


I wrote the stories and I'll be joined by artist-supreme Fernando Ruiz (you can read more about the series by clicking here). Fernando will be giving away sketches and we'll both be signing anything and everything we've worked on - not just "Archie's Weird Mysteries." So if you're in the area, stop on by and say hello - we'll be there from 2PM to 5PM that day.

For further details, click right here.

If you need further persuasion, Poe the kitten (and reigning Scared Silly mas-cat) has prepared this special video encouraging you to come out and support your favorite horror-comedy-meister! MUCH THANKS in advance!


  1. Poe can't wait to get down and run out to "Little Shop of Comics" and be the first on line for the signing!

    Very kool, Paul! As always, I wish I could be there. Best of luck with the signing!

  2. Much thanks! My better half laughs - she doesn't think I'll EVER learn the correct way to hold a cat! :)