Thursday, July 22, 2010


Bowery Boys Leo Gorcey Huntz Hall

Just learned about an all-day Bowery Boys marathon being shown on Turner Classic Movies on Friday, July 23d. This marathon includes one bona fide horror-comedy plus two other films that will be of interest to "Scared Silly" fans.

At 11:00 AM, TCM unleashes the 1946 "Spook Busters." I've always thought Dan Aykroyd may have had a fondness for this title. Plenty of classic horror-comedy trappings, including a gorilla... and you'll love the climactic slow-motion ether fight!

12:15 PM brings "Mr. Hex." The "fantasy" element here is a hypnotist who hypnotizes Sach into believing he is an unbeatable prize fighter. A classic plot re-used to great effect by Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby and Jimmie Walker in the 1970s laugh-fest, "Let's Do it Again."

At 1:30 PM get set for "Hard Boiled Mahoney." This one is more of a film noir spoof/homage, and a rather neat one at that. It does have one spooky touch - the fortune teller whose legitimacy is questionable at best (of course)!

Click here to check out the Turner Classic Movies site for more information and to see the rest of the schedule for the Bowery Boys marathon.

Here's the trailer for "Spook Busters" - enjoy!

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