Saturday, April 18, 2015


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Bowery Boys week continues here at Scared Silly (read all about it by clicking here)… and here’s another Saturday ‘Toons edition!

We’re starting off with the poster above for the Mighty Mouse cartoon, Dead End Cats. I can’t post the cartoon here as it’s not in the public domain, but the movie poster is. The cartoon itself has nothing to do with the Dead End Kids beyond the title possibly being inspired by it.

The following cartoons, however ARE in the public domain and so I’ll happily post them here.

The first, a Max Flesischer cartoon features the first-ever animated reference to the Dead End Kids… all the way at the end of the cartoon:

The second features another mighty mouse and is a more indirect, potential nod to Leo Gorcey. The character Herman would go on to greater fame for a series of cartoons in which he bedeviled the poor feline, Katnip. Here’s one of Herman’s early solo shorts. ENJOY!

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