Thursday, February 17, 2011


Rondo Hatton

Well here’s a nice surprise. While reviewing stats on my aggregator I noticed that a few folks had been referred to the “Scared Silly” blog via a link on the current Rondo Awards site. Yes, it appears that for the second year in a row “Scared Silly” has been nominated for a Rondo award! I want to thank whoever recommended “Scared Silly” for the nomination – I truly appreciate it!

The Rondo Awards are named after Rondo Hatton (you can learn more about Rondo when you click here) and are awards given to those who in some way are keeping the love for and appreciation of classic horror alive. You can learn more details about the awards and view this year's ballot by clicking here.

"Scared Silly" has been nominated in the "best blog" category, and it is my hope that if you like this blog, you will vote for it.

Of course, "Scared Silly" isn't the only reason to vote. There are so many great nominees in so many categories, including several friends of "Scared Silly." Among them are the gang from Trailers From Hell in the “Best Website” category as well as "Zombo's Closet of Horror," and "Frankensteinia" and the irrepressible “Drunken Severed Head” rubbing shoulders with “Scared Silly” in the “Best Blog” category. Not to mention Gary J. Svehla of Midnight Marquee Press to whom I am quite grateful – a few years back he and wife Sue invited me to contribute an essay on the Vincent Price/Peter Lorre horror-comedies to the Vincent Price edition of their “Actors” series of books. Gary has a blog called “Mad About Movies.”

There are a few other nominations that will be of interest to “Scared Silly” fans as well – here’s a handy checklist:

• In the “Best Classic DVD Collection” category, the WARNER BROS. HORROR/MYSTERY DVD set is nominated. This is the set that includes the classic Hugh Herbert-Allen Jenkins horror-comedy, “Sh! The Octopus!

• Nominated in the “Best Restoration” category is Bob Hope’s classic horror-comedy, “The Cat & the Canary,” released on DVD as part of a recent Bob Hope Collection.

• In the “Best Independent Film or Documentary” category not one but two of Larry Blamire's films featuring his own brand of horror-comedy (namely spoofery) in the form of “The Lost Skeleton Returns Again” and “A Dark & Stormy Night” get a nod while our friends at Trailers From Hell get additional recognition for their collection of commentaries on “The Best of Trailers From Hell Volume 1.”

• “Mystery Movie Series of 1940s Hollywood” is a book I haven’t read yet but as many of the mystery series mixed in laughs and scares (Charlie Chan entries like “Dark Alibi” and “Meeting at Midnight” come to mind) it is apropos to mention here. (Plus since originally posting this entry I've learned it includes the Red Skelton "Whistling" series of which "Whistling in the Dark" is a horror-comedy). Naturally, it’s nominated in the “Book of the Year” category.

• Speaking of Larry Blamire, Martin Arlt interviewed the filmmaker in “Mad Scientist Magazine #22” and his efforts netted him a “Best Interview” nomination.

• Other “Best Blog” nominees that I feel “Scared Silly” fans will enjoy greatly include award-winning sci-fi author August Ragone’s “The Good, the Bad & the Godzilla,” “Monster Island News” and the “Secret Fun Blog.”

…and “Best Toy, Model or Collectible?” Well, really, who could resist Funko’s Universal Monster Plushies?

Funko Universal Monsters

I can’t… can you?!

So that’s the skinny. You can vote for as few or as many categories as you like. I encourage you to take a good look at the ballot, and once you make your choices, email your votes to and be sure to include your name (the awards has a one vote per person rule) by Midnight, March 27, 2011.

Meanwhile, here's a nice montage of Rondo Hatton movie posters:

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