Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This is a quick mention, but I mean no disrespect. Due to schedule commitments I didn't have the opportunity to write a up a proper obituary for this fine comic book artist.

However, my friend Brent Seguine, Three Stooges historian posted a really nice remembrance which you can read by clicking here.

You may ask why a blog about classic horror-comedy films from Hollywood's Golden Age features so many posts about comic books and their creators. The answer is simple: I think the funny fright films we know and love have a lot in common with the freewheeling humor and thrills of comic books.

I'm also willing to guess that Mr. Messerli drew more than one horror spoof in his lifetime... and that the majority of those probably appeared in the Three Stooges comic book issues he drew for Western Publishing (distributed under the Dell and Gold Key imprints).

Of course, Brent, fount of Stooge knowledge that he is will surely set this knucklehead straight if I'm mistaken... just as long as he doesn't give me a Moe Poke!

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